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Our company was created in 1959 with the name MANIFATTURA RESINE SINTETICHE, specializing in the manufacturing of pre-packed bags to be used in the textile, clothing, food and paramedical sectors. More specifically, we are one of Europeĺs major manufacturers for cotton wool packaging, whichever its treatment (swabs, pads, discs, cotton buds, etc.).
Nowadays the range of plastic laminates that can be used is extremely wide, ranging from the traditional low-density polythene and polypropylene to more sophisticated coextruded, expanded and biodegradable products currently offered by the market.
Our printing technique is flexography. Moreover, thanks to a new gearless 8-colour printer as well as to the most innovative preprint and print technologies we can provide the highest possible quality.
The wide range of our pre-packed products include: drawstring bags, zip closure bags (even with slider), bags with self adhesive lip, etc.; some of them are exclusive solutions and, in case of consistent orders, we can design and manufacture specific solutions for special needs.
Our strategy was specializing in products for industrial use and automatic packaging lines. As you can easily understand, this specialization not only implies standard levels of aesthetic and functional quality, but also almost mechanical precision and a trifling percentage of rejects, being these conditions essential for the proper and uninterrupted operation of complex plants with high downtime costs. Moreover, in this sector an effective and flexible manufacturing organization is also necessary: customers shall be guaranteed not only the on-time delivery of their orders, but also the ability to face possible emergencies.
Pre and post sale services shall also be taken into account: customer assistance for selecting the right product with proper graphic solutions, firstly, and then, secondly, for product use.
As they always say, quality is priceless: well, we can provide quality at competitive prices!
Drawstring bags (for cotton wool, swimsuit, etc.)
Bags with self adhesive lip
Zip closure bags
Packs of bags for feeding machines
Printed reels for automatic packaging
Custom size and prints available for any of the above.


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